Friday, August 17, 2007

Home is where the Heart is.

I write this in the spirit of Alison the Amazing Thief.

I walk along the familiar path, it is not marked with foot prints or a dirt rode, I walk it on pure memory, past the trees and past the traps. I need to remember to talk to Zero about those. And there it is, the home built of love, tears, words and blood; The Ifrit's Royal Guard Headquarters mark 2. The three story building is daunting but covered in camo nets, I purely blame Devius, Doc, Chrys, and Ricky for those things. The paint job is a creme yellow with orange tiles on the roof. Thank god for the ladies design sense. The building is a key link in my many many adventures, but I come here on a down note. I have committed what feels like a cardinal sin, sin against the organization and my post within it. I broke my pearl.
Now keep in mind that I am a pearlsack now in IRG(mark 2), I did not break that. I have mistakenly broken my IRG(mark 1) pearl. I was rushing to prepare for my trip to Ragnarok and mistakenly took it out of storage and tried to equip it. There is a story about why I kept my old pearl for so long and why all the original IRG(mark 1) sacks kept their pearl. And even further why the hell they break when equipped. But I'm behind all that, I've stuck the pearl in my pocket and I'm done crying(a lot of emotional attachment to that LS). I'm here to say goodbye and try to leave my LS on a good note. IRG's prodigy is gonna go grow up and I have to make sure everyone knows I'm coming back.
I open the door and walk in with my usual smile and am greeted by a crunch sound as I step inside. I have stepped on a pile of pizza boxes, and as I look farther I see there is a trail of pizza boxes leading to the couch and that damn TV. Next to the couch is of course the pile of beer cans and bottles. This is all totally normal. "Hello LS." I say happily as I pick up the pile of pizza boxes.
"TOGMIESTER!" shouts the long white haired Elvaan bard I am known to love; Loferecuent. Who is currently in the kitchen.
"Hey Tog." The sound of Yllibas with a mouth full of pizza sittin' on the couch.
"Hey Tog Bog Dog" That would be Mardok slurping beer also on the couch.
"SUP TAWG" Devius shouting across the room holding Shoko in one arm and a cookie in the other.
"HELLO TOGGY!" Shoko also shouting from across the room nibbling on a cookie.
"Hello Sir Tog." Raidin saluting from the second floor.
"Tog." Mr. Piddle says smiling at me while carrying a six pack of beer back to the couch.
"Oh hey Tog." Kmd says as he walks in the door with more pizza boxes. "Back guys!"
"SWEETS!" a collective shout comes from the couch. Before I can reply to anyone I'm wrapped in someones arms behind me. It's Utadahikaru, she's always been so nice to me.
"Utada..." I mumble as I notice something a lil' troubling.
"Yes?" she whispers into my ear.
"You don't have a shirt on you?"
"ooops...." She quickly ran off to get one as I snicked to myself a little and wandered over to the kitchen and the trash can to deal with the pizza boxes.
"TTTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGNNNEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!" A shout echoes through the building, there is no doubt in my mind who it is: Doc(I.E. Priapism) I can't help but chuckle as I look in the direction of the mithra coming down stairs.
"DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCCCC!!!!" I happily reply back. The dang cat just stands at the bottom of the stairs in it's red mage AF grinning.
"You win this time dude." The mithra says as it strolls over to the TV, and I openned the trash can laughing.
"Hello sir Tog <3" style="font-family:webdings;">You better come get me?" Lady Kida can be very scary when she wants to be and at that moment, my heart skipped a beat. To add to my fear Sir Sammys, Kida's man if you will, nodded agreeing with a stern face. I was about ready to shit myself. Then came the over baring figure of Brigga, standing up, Kida likes her Elvaan tall.
"I'll miss you Bro." Brigga looked me in the eyes and said it, even when he was clad in his think gear and Chaos helm, he was sincere. It was then that I knew where my heart was, it was on Ifrit with The Royal Guard.
"I'll miss you too Brigga." I looked back at him, "I'ma go now, you all stay out of trouble." Brigga, Kida, and Sammys all smiled at me as I walked from the grounds. Domsan laid on his side, probably plotting his next move...
as I passed through the main room, through the door to the backyard, everyone kinda just fell silent, minus that damn T.V. I approached the door and heard Devi's hand moving, waving good bye to me. But before I left Utada came down from her room in a Wool Tunic and her Red Mage attire. I turned to meet her and she threw herself on me in one big hug, her hugs could make one of my bad days into a great day, it was like community service to keep me happy like this.
"Toggy, don't you dare stay any longer." I could hear and feel her crying into my shoulder. "And don't be a hoe on the new place."

That's how my last day on Ifrit was...for a long time at least.


[This was written years ago and never published due to cowardice and I wanted to add more to it. But not it is lost to me]

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Ah yes, Black mage. The simple pleasure of lighting things on fire. Nothing is more human in nature and nothing more important in our evolution. IF only they had Firaga back then. But I digress, when I last left you all I had BLM at 30. Bacisally I liked warp and escape and say no other reasons to level black because I had all the basic transportation spells. Then I looked around hte internets and saw that BLM is a sub for many jobs. And seeing as how I dont' really have a main job yet I supposed it would be good ot get subs out of the way. I had the stupid gear from WHM anyways. Black mage leveling just kinda blurr in with everythign else your doing. With me I kinda listen to a Podcast, listen to music, read blogs, do homework, and chat with people while leveling mage jobs.
So in short I don't remember what happened BLM 31-34. I do remember I heard so really funny stuff on the podcast and that I heard so god awful music on the radio. Ta-da >.>
Now BLM 35-36 was one long, drawn out party. God damn it was ridiculous. Two BLMS, a THF, NIN, Something, and a WAR. We had a pwr lvl...I think. Frohike is still right about Power Levelers when your Whitemage by the way.
I'll be honest, I fell asleep in this party, I think I fell asleep when I level'd...The NIN's tell chimes are what kept me awake. I think the party was in Altepa of the deserts. Dhamles were involved.
But BLM is done for now. I do remember that I level'd Monk for my WAR some point. More on that later!
Ragnarok, here I come.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

I put the Horror in Horror Voulge.

When last I left you all I was 30 WAR and mentioned that I got WAR to about 40 now. Now I will attempt to weave the story about how I got to this level. I jumped from the Jungles right to the Citadel thanks to some brave Party leaders. This was before I sought advice from Froh so I was still single Axe with a shield tanking. This was also far from a decent Axe that didn't cost me 200K-ish. Yea, noob WAR, look out. The important thing to me at the time as the fact that I had Kamphf gear. My legs and Feet but it was better than Eisen all around. I'll explain how a noob afforded Kamphf gear like this: I owe another LS member another favor, this time a little mischievous Tarutaru. Bad idea on my part, I'll probably end up dying a couple of times helping her.
Oh well I'm shiny now. Everything is going great. For a really long time. I hit 31 and then 32. I run back to town to get a Warrior's Axe. Along the way I find that I can take out a Raptor all by myself :D Being a WHM so long I hardly knew the feeling of standing my ground and fighting something. And winning! :D
Blah. I tank like a pro. The black mage could mana burst, the mob would turn around, I'd just have to boost and I'd have the mobs attention again. Like a Pro. I even had a hate fight with a Ninja but we were 35-ish so it's not a fair evaluation of Ninja Vs. Warrior but still: HE CHEATED! Elemental wheel >.> and he knew I couldn't let him die so he for went shadows. HE CHEATED. enough said.
Here comes the honorable mention of the post: Doc again helped me. He loaned to me a weapon of ridiculous power. The Horror Voulge:
DMG: 60 Delay: 489
VIT+1 Attack +8
I didn't need to provoke anymore. I just had to hit the damn thing and it would keep it's eye on me. Even with Defender, I just have to put one provoke and Boost and keep whacking. Ninja sub be damned!
After all that I took a break and farmed with my new Toy(THANK YOU DOC!) that was the funnest thing I've done in a long time. After the fund were gathered I planned to level blm to sub level at least.

Note: Reuben - Blamethrower

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

You have my Soul and my Sword.

I've said before that I was a gimped whm. Well I finally decided to change all that. I was gonna get all my Teleports. ALL OF THEM. Okay not really, Tele-Vazhl could rot for all I care. Tele-Yhoat is the s$%* though and same goes for Altept. So to do this I enlisted a good buddy of mine and LS mate: Loferecuent, the drunken bard! He got bard to lvl 70 some how while drunk. And thankfully with Lof came his NPC! I need to get one of those...And another friend of mine and LS mate: Evey! The prettiest Elvaan lady. She was about 50 RDM. With them aggro from the tele spawn points was gonna be easy squeezy. My two wonderful elvaan helpers were assembling and getting other things done. So I decided to run and do something completely different!(Evey and Lof have real lives and needed to attend to them, who am I to ask who/why/what?)
I went to go get myself started on DRK/SAM/PLD unlocking. I went over to Bastok and some of it's mines to get my Emosword. Grabbed that and then ran off to Kazahm in hopes of getting to Norg alive. Which happened but I got lost, upon reaching the cliff which divides the lowlands with the highlands I tried running my choco directly off the cliff...for thirty minuets...roughly. I then got off my choco and tried running down myself, choco's don't go into certain zones any how. Noooope. The reason that I got to Norg was because I am lucky, no skill just luck ;.; Another bard I did not know from anywhere; Dravion ran by and we chatted for a moment.he was willing ot show me the way and sent me an invite to party. I basically interrupted a merit party ;.; He showed me how to get down without dying. Then how to get to Norg without dying.
Norg is a very strange place. It's like Pirate Ninja Samurai Mercenary Headquarters. Which is a complex idea and at the same time nonsensical. I'm some what surprised that Corsair isn't unlocked there. I may never under stand things like this. But I did grab the pop items for the NMs that needed to be killed to unlocked Samurai. I quickly looked over the spects and saw that the requirement of hte quest was 30. I had lvl 41 WHM. This looked like it was going to be too easy, so I ran out the the Highlands and tried ot kill Forger. I buffed up and ran in cause that's all I could do. The end results: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
It was laughing at me -_- It ate through my stoneskin in two hits. It then snorted up my shadows from blink. To say the least I died, quickly and I quote Lof: "Are you wearing toilet paper armor?"
To which I responded; "I'm a WHM."
So Lof came to help and he brought Evey after I re-obtained the pop item necessary for another Forger. This time, Loferecuent ATE FORGER. I love that drunken bard. Lof even has a Swan Bilbo, he might be one of the only Bards on our server that has that.Either way after Forger was eaten it was on to some other thing in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, I think it was a Gobbie. Lof literally killed it too fast, I popped it and then there was something in the treasure pool...I love that bard. Lof and Evey ran to Jueno to resupply and wait for me to get my Samurai sword. Which I did...after I got disconnected and reconnected. Three hours of trying to figure wth happened until I finally got back on and unlocked Samurai. Then ran over to Jueno myself and instructed Lof and Evey what was going to happen.
The plan was this:They would check on spawn locations for the incense while I checked on a different set of spawns.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Operations begin!
After a period of Lof running down holes killing what ever he saw and I Sneaking and invisible-ing Lof found the damn trigger. I instructed him to basically kill anything that spawned around the candle thing while I ran to his position. Lof enjoyed this plan far more than he possibly should of. It was not long before victory was ours.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
On another note, I need to get one of those NPC things.
Any way, I went back to good old Sandy to get my Teleport-Mea while Lof and Evey enjoyed each other's company. I notified Lof that I needed Tele-Dem and He said something like: "lol@< teleport-dem >"
That was dealt with without problems or notable happenings.
Teleport -Yhoat was COMPLETELY different. To get the spell one must obtain a piece of Elshimo Marble, which is Rare/Ex, and trade it to the missionary in Kazahm. This reeks of Sand' O rian imperialism but feh...I need teleports. The plan at first was to wander through the surrounding jungle killing White lizards and Marble lizards accordingly. No one liked this plan but it was the only thing I thought up around 11 P.M. and I think 1 AM for Lof and Evey. After about...30 minutes of that we found a spot where the damn lizards regularly spawn. I pitched a tent, Evey started a fire, and Lof sang some songs and we went to work on the lizards. Well the lizards have a laggy spawn time so we killed Coeurls and gobs to pass the time.
Two hours later we each have about half a stack of coeurl meat and a random assortment of lizard parts but no marble. Lof was still soldiering on with Evey in pursuit, like they were competing for damage dealing, while I operated as a mass puller. I would sleep/bind/Dia II lizards to get them to come to Lof. He would weapon skill one shot one of them and then chip away at the second while Evey got the third. I was a whm, I couldn't hurt a fly so I hasted Lof and Evey and cured them. Pretty nice set up all things considered.
Then a freaking piece marble drops. Evey, being the funny gal she is lots on it. I freak out, Lof laughs his ass off, and Evey then passes on it. I lot and Banishaga II everything to celebrate. We run over to Kazahm and I get told that I need to go to Sandy to get it carved into a statue of THE goddess. That is all done hte next day. But right as that moment I Tele-Dem Lof and Evey to the Highlands. Lof wanted to camp Stray Marry again for the Horn of Mary. Evey, the kind girl, was willing to help. I logged off for the morning. Basically I got Teleport-Yhoat.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Thanks Lof, thank you Evey. (I casted Invisable on Lof XD)
I'll get to my leveling spree(s) later.

Thursday, June 7, 2007


I regained my connection to the Final Fantasy Servers! I can log on again :D And I'm now less busy! Again smiley; :D
The method in which I am less busy is good and bad though....
On a high note: A LOT OF TESTING HAS FINISHED! Freedom :P a week or two of studying couple with a week of testing leaves you drained and relieved. A bit like sex, when done right.
On a low note: My Girlfriend and I have broken up, we were very adult about it and took the logical steps. She was forbade from having relationships/she needed to focus on studies/She was unexperienced to this short of thing/I was busy with clubs/leadership/community activities. We are still friends. Sweet and great gal, no complaints. I feel I didn't leave the best example though for a boyfriend and our behavior though -_-;;
So I am basically free to catch up in FF, kinda. A guy has to be constructive over his summer break. So I'll be studying more Japanese and business accounting and in addition a fabled 'Summer J.O.B.' Pull my weight or something like that huh?
To get my FF working as well as fix my computer's firewall I spent an hour in a Dell chat room with a man named Raja(LIKE HTE RING :D). At first I thought he was a womyn but then found out that he was not >.> It was kinda like talking to an RMT to be truthful. Before the talk with this strange man/woman I uninstaller all my .DATs so I will be looking like everyone else for a very long time. Here is a pic in memory of my cool mage gear: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Rock the old school Converse curtsy of Faulsey :P

Monday, May 28, 2007

On the Update

My Playonline has been corrupted so I have not been able to play for a good two weeks. thankfully I have this and my Linkshell's website. Plus blogs and to keep me in the spirit . I am currently deciding to either reinstall complete which includes my .DATs and windower. I can remember the hours it took to get my .DATs right. Or I can wait for the update and hope if fixes my problem.
Option two is looking to be very possible. While option one is also possible but labor intensive. Did I mention I have Finals? And a Girlfriend? Yea...I'm busy but I'll get some posts out today-ish. First other writings must be done.

Now this new update that is coming up...yea...bullocks. I'm like 42 WHM and now 40 WAR(post on that foray later) I could care less about the new battle systems. 'cept for the fact that the PUPs are now getting some love. Those poor jobs with built in Accuracy trait, they need it and much more love and care because they are special. Moving right along; I do not have Aht Urgan access. So this also contribute to the previous Bullocks. I hope you high levels have fun TP burning, running through ruins of some sort, dying, seeing genetic experiments gone right and wrong, fighting horrid sins against nature, dying, and getting MaD sHiNyZ.
Good luck and good bye.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ties that Bind and Chains that Kill.

No this isn't some weird Emo post. Come on people! It's a joke on the Bind spell and Skill chains. Because Bind generates hate so it kinda ties the mob to you. And skill chains are skill chains. :P *old draft got deleted*
Speaking of Bind and chains I did my first Promy (Mea)!!! And liked it! I could try and give a guide to this whole event but I am clearly not qualified to do so. I got most of my info from Jowah's,, blog which you can dig around for. My Main man Frohike's,, blog which covered it from a WAR/NIN point of view. And an episode from, things are just much easier when all you have to do is listen :P Seeing as how I went as lolBLM to the Promys I was going on my own guide. But it was fairly simple; The empties give their element away my the color of their um...centers? And so I would just Nuke it accordingly. In case of links I would aga everything with every aga at my disposal. But I preferred to use Firaga on the tall Spider like Empty and the Memory receptacles. I am called Tognesss the burninator after all...
I was fortunate enough to be in a Promy run sponsored by some LS mates; Eodwen & Zarmina. Who had prior experience with the event. So they could fill in any gaps in my knowledge and fix my strategy. Orders were simple: follow Eo or Zarmina. This proved difficult as I ran into one of those 'You're screwed if..." situations. As seen in the picture below:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am a lonely Mage currently surrounded by aggroing hate machines. Yes, I did die, but only once. Because I'm lucky.
Second order; when we are fighting anything big: burn it to hell. When we get to the Boss: Bind him and aga sparingly. Not to my knowledge this boss had a circle AoE tp move that resets hate and Bind causes a good size of hate... so at about 20% health it starts spamming Carnival and we lose a tank and I just casted Bind. It hates me now. So I run ot the other side of the room while tanks wait for provoke to count down. The Summoners just two hour'd. Things are looking up! Carnival'd killing both SMNs before they could pop anything off. I'm still running waiting for the tank to try and get on this and I'm running out of places to run. Oh no...Eo is down. He didn't get to cast shadows so he went on the Carnival too. It's me and the WHM now(Zarmina). And you know what? I'm in the red and trying to Bind this ugly thing that is not supposed to exist and Zarmina two hours. To her credit the tanks and SMN kinda got one shotted. For a moment is seems we could bounce hate with me aga'ing and her curing. No go. She just got two shotted. I died shortly after trying to sleep it. I'm smart >.>;;
But here comes another fun part. The SMNs and I have reraise. Sure it's health restarts but mana burning it is tempting. :E I'll admit it thought it was fun for the first two nukes. Then we patted each other on the back and went our separate ways. I hope I can do another Promy run with them again ^_^